Asking the right questions

1. What is the genre of my book?

2. How do other book covers of the same genre look like?

3. Who is my target audience?

4. What is the mood of my book? (romantic, dramatic, humorous, exotic)

5. How do my characters physically look like?

6. Do I prefer close-up faces or full body poses?

7. May the faces be unrecognizable?

8. What is the backdrop?

11 What object(s) do I want on the cover?

10. What other book covers do I like, and why?

11. What styles or trends do I not find attractive?

12. What is the story about?


Tips on designing your own book cover

1. Write down the words that come into your mind when you think about your novel.

2. Create a moodboard. Search for colors, images, metaphors and typography.

3. Find images with a creative commons licence that you can use for free.

4. Research other covers in the same genre.

5. Finally use one image. Maybe you can blend two or three images with one another, but keep it simple and avoid clutter.

6. Use a maximum of two simple easy to read typefaces. You can use typefaces from Googlefont.

7.  Get feedback from others.


Colors, what do they generally communicate?


Passion, Desire, Love, Anger, Danger, Power, War


Energy, Warmth, Happiness, Vitality


Happiness, Hope, Deceit


New Beginnings, Abundance, Nature, Wealth


Calm, Cool, Trustful, Safe, Responsible, Sadness


Royalty, Luxury, Wealth, Spring, Romance, Spiritual


Power, Mystery, Elegance, Seductive, Mysterious, Evil, Death


Moody, Conservative, Formality


Purity, Cleanliness, Virtue, Goodness


Nature, Wholesomeness, Dependability


Conservative, Dull


Calm, Elegant, Purity